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Flowers create a lasting memory of a moment in time, an event or a thoughtful gesture.  They can also convey a secret message.  By choosing specific blossoms you can send a veiled message of love, encouragement or an expression of hope. 

Flower Meanings

Alstroemeria:  Friendship
Amaryllis:  Splendid Beauty
Anemone:  Anticipation, Sincerity, Forsaken
Anthurium:  Hospitality
Aster:  Symbol of love, Patience. September Birth Flower.
Birds of Paradise:  Joyfulness
Bouvardia:  Enthusiasm
Carnation:  Pride and Beauty, Fascination, Love. January Birth Flower.
Cushion Chrysanthemum:  Hope amid Darkness, Fidelity, Friendship. November Birth Flower.
Daisy Chrysanthemum:  Hope amid Darkness, Fidelity, Friendship. April Birth Flower.
Button Chrysanthemum:  Hope amid Darkness, Fidelity, Friendship
Daffodil:  Chivalry, Respect. March Birth Flower.
Delphinium:  Heavenly. July Birth Flower
Freesia:  Innocence, Trust
Gladiolus:  Strength of Character, Natural Grace. August Birth Flower.
Heather:  Admiration
Hyacinth:  Constancy, Sorrow
Hydrangea:  Heartfelt
Iris:  Compliments, Wisdom, Faith and hope. Tennessee State Flower. February birth flower.
Larkspur:  Levity. July Birth Flower.
Lilac:  Youthful innocence, Beauty. New Hampshire state flower
Lily:  Majesty
Lisianthus:  Outgoing
Orchid:  Ecstasy
Peony:  Bashful, Compassion, Trustworthiness. Indiana State Flower
King Protea:  Daring
Queen Anne’s Lace:  Sanctuary
Ranunculus:  Radiant
Rose:  Love. New York State flower. June Birthday Flower.
Snapdragon:  Desire, Strength
Statice:  Remembrance
Stock:  Lasting Beauty
Sunflower:  Pure thoughts, Pride, Sunshine
Sweet Pea:  Delicate pleasure, Lasting Pleasure, Careless luxury, Departure
Tulip:  Declaration of Love, Perfect lover, Luck

Rose Color Meaning

Red Rose:  Love, Respect, Passion, Beauty, & Courage
Coral Rose:  Desire
Orange Rose:  Fascination, Desire, & Enthusiasm
Peach Rose:  Modesty, Appreciation, Closing the Deal, Get together & Sincerity
Hot Pink Rose:  Thankfulness, Appreciation, & Gratitude
Yellow Rose:  Joy, Delight, Welcome Back, New Beginnings & Friendship
Light Pink Rose:  Grace, Admiration, Sympathy, Sweetness & Joy
White Rose:  Innocence, Secrecy, Purity, Silence, Heavenly
Lavender Rose:  Love at First Sight, Enchantment